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5 years ago

Excel uploads with User Fields


I'm having an issue with a user field that someone could shed some light on. We currently upload data through excel csv and one of the fields is designer responsible. Our goal is use this upload data to link back to their employee table so that we can see all their projects or jobs in their employee table. 

When we upload the data it doesn't connect the name to the user. We've been told it's not possible because Quick Base can't match text name to a user. I've thought about automation, dynamic rules, or even having a field that was a formula that read the name in our designer name text field and selected the appropriate user. Any ideas on how this could work?


Catelyn Atkinson

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  • Catelyn,
      I'm assuming that you have a relationship between your Employees table and Projects table and I'm assuming the key field on the Employees table is a field that is defined as a Quick Base user type field.
    If my assumptions are correct then if you can use include the email address instead of the designers name in the excel file it should work.  Just map the email address column in your file to the Related Employee field in the Projects table.

    If my assumptions are not correct and the key field on the employees table is the record id# field then you would need to include the corresponding record id# for each employee in your excel file and map that to the Related Employee field in the Projects table.


    Keith Jusas