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Qrew Cadet
5 years ago

Help with Magic Button App - FID_200 - Press to Adjust %

So I am attempting to use the Rich Text formula field to allow a user to adjust the number of greenboxes selected to adjust a percentage field in my own app.  I got the field to look correctly and copied the code and adjusted to my Percentage field ID but when I click to change the number of boxes filled with green nothing changes on reload.  

Any ideas?  Am I missing something?  I copied the code exactly and adjusted to my token and the correct FID for the %.

Joshua Case

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  • It's been a while since I've seen that application, but if it has buttons that updates data on a click, it will probably have the DBID of what to update on that click. I would take a look there, and see... If that's not it, if you post your code I'll see what I can discern from it.

    Ryan Stanford