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5 years ago

How to Add Many Records in seperate table from a form URL Formula button

I am looking to create a formula URL button that creates multiple tasks associated with a single project.  Each task is unique with a different task name BUT it does follow a template so all tasks are the same for each project at project creation.  I have a successful formula to make a single task related to the parent record in the task table but I want to have a button that creates multiple tasks as I set them up based on the template all related to the same project.  

I believe I have to use the var text URLONE = ( approach but I don't know how to tie them together and have the page redirect back to the original page.

Working Code for Single Task Creation:
URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_XXXX] &"?a=API_AddRecord&_fid_48="& URLEncode ([Project]) &
"&_fid_23="&URLEncode ("Custom Title") &
"&_fid_6= "&URLEncode ("Template Text") &
"&_fid_16="&URLEncode ("Template Text") &
"&_fid_67="&URLEncode (ToText("User Email"))&
"&_fid_13="&URLEncode ("Template Text")) &

"&rdr=" &

URLEncode(URLRoot() & "db/" & Dbid() &
"?a=dr&rid=" & [Project])

How do I make a single click create up to 13 tasks with different default assignments and text?

Joshua Case
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