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4 years ago

HTML - New Paragraph/Tab Function?

Hey QB Family,

I've been messing around the the HTML text functions on forms this morning and using the help link below from Quandary. 

Putting Custom HTML as a Form Element | INTERMEDIATE - Quandary Consulting Group
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Putting Custom HTML as a Form Element | INTERMEDIATE - Quandary Consulting Group
In some instances, you may need to customize a form that goes beyond the native options presented in Quick Base by implementing simple HTML text formatting to alert, inform, or organize information on your forms. For example, maybe you need to provide directions for your user to highlight key information by adding text to your ...
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I can't seem to make/close out a paragraph in this format. I know I could just use multiple lines on the form but that doesn't seem very clean. I would like to put all of my text into one box or section on the form. please see my screen grabs attached and let me know the function/command to insert a paragraph and go to the next line.

Jack Woods

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  • np,
    You can put limited HTML into a text box by enabling HTML on the text element on the form (here is a checkbox) and here is some help text as to what Tags are allowed.  IN the example that you posted I did not see ant tags like <br> for new line or <p> for new paragraph.  That is why you have no carriage returns.

    If that does not give you enough flexibility, you can make a Rich Text formula field with fixed HTML text and put that field on the form.

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  • If you're putting enough information in a Text Element to need a paragraph break, I would really suggest using a Rich Text Formula instead. This gives you the ability to use most all HTML and CSS tags in your formula AND you get the added benefit of being able to use Form Rules against it.

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