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5 years ago

If statement to create project name

I have built a program management app. In the App programs have reports and projects. Reports create projects based on their cadence (weekly, monthly, etc.). Unique projects can also be created be created. I need the project name to be created by combining the "Program Name" and the "Report Name" or the "Program Name" and the "Stand-Alone Project Name". The report name is automatically filled in if the project is created from a report. So, I think the best solution is an If statement on whether the Report Name is blank. Any suggestions?

Nick Taylor

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  • Hi Nicholas,

    yeah it sounds like an If statement is most likely what you would want to use to create a project name formula field. You might want to go with something along the lines of:

    If([Report Name]="", [Program Name] &"-"&[Stand-Alone Project Name], [Program Name]&"-"&[Report Name])

    A statement like this would just check if the report name field is blank and if it is do a combo of program name and stand alone project name fields, but if the report name field isn't blank then you get program name and report name. You would just need to tweak the field references to match the name of your fields in your app possibly and then adjust the format if it doesn't display the way you would like (For example my formula puts a dash (-) between the two fields but you can replace it with just a space or another character if you would like. I hope that suggestion is helpful.

    Evan Martinez
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