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4 years ago

Novice QBaser...

I'm struggling with building out a CRM with minimal tables.  I have three tables...Company, Contact, Opportunity.

Company has a one-to-many relationship with both Contact and Opportunity.
Contact has a one-to many relationship with Opportunity.

With each Opportunity, there are multiple stakeholders.  I'd like to add those stakeholders to the Opportunity record and in some cases it might be two and in other cases it might be five.  I cannot figure out a way to add multiple contacts to the Opportunity.

I don't know if it complicates it or not, but some of the contacts might be connect to different companies.  Here's a rough illustration:

OPPTY NAME:  Acme Mfg     VALUE:  $32,000    EXP CLOSE: May 2021
ACCT MGR:  Bob Smith
SOLUTIONS:  20 hrs consulting, 40 hrs development, 8 hrs training, compliance reporting

contact                  company                status      phone                  email
John Doe               ABC Consulting   partner    205-221-2210
Jane Doe               Acme                      client       205-444-1310
Bill Smith               Acme                      client       205-444-1311
Joe Smith              Acme                      client      205-441-1312
         Ken Hamm            Deloitte                  partner   800-877-1200

Is this doable in QuickBase?  Without adding multiple "Contact" tables?  I just want to pull multiple contacts from multiple companies into a list associated with each opportunity.  I want to keep all companies and contacts in a single place.

Michael Murphree

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  • So this is a classic Many to Many Relationship.

    An opportunity has many contacts but also one contact may be reused on many opportunities.  

    The way we do that is to have a middle table or a joint table called perhaps Opportunity Contacts.  

    One opportunity has many Opportunities Contacts.  
    One contact as many Opportunity Contacts 

    There will be a field to [Add Opportunity Contact] and you will put that on the Opportunity record and the Opportunity Record would also have the embedded report link field for [Opportunity contacts]  with the opportunity contacts set on the form to display directly as an embedded report on the Opportunity record.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach