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3 years ago

Numeric Formula Field - Displays Value in Realtime on Desktop But Not Mobile

Hey Team,

I working on a tool that helps Sales Reps count how many units they sold in a given day quickly. 

The quickbase numeric formula field of "Total Count" is a simple sum formula of the number fields that are earlier in the form. 

When viewing the form on desktop the Total Count adjusts as a change the #s and works great. One mobile it only shows a zero and never changes. Once submitted I can see the total count and it works. i just want it to adjust on the fly. is this possible or is this a known issue on mobile?

Thank you,  ​

Jack Woods | Low Code 4 Lyfe

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  • I figured it out!

    Once I setup the summary total field to display on the from for "Add & Edit & View" it would display on mobile in real time. I had it set up to only display on the "Add" Form.

    Again, when it was on the "Add" form setting it would show the formula field up not update the formula in real time. It's now updating  in real time now that it's on the "Add & Edit & View" form setting.

    Jack Woods | Low Code 4 Lyfe