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5 years ago

Records won't save from Grid Edit because of Unique Value Field

I have a formula field called [Export ID] which is based off of the Record ID#.  I had set this field to be a unique value.

When I try to create multiple records via a grid edit report, it will give me an "Unable to Save Changes" error.   The problem
is these tentative records don't have a Record ID yet because they haven't been saved.  Since there's no Record ID yet, the [Export ID] field has the same value for each, hence not unique.  If I could save the record, the [Export ID] would be unique but I can't get that far.  If I save one record at a time, it works fine.

I was looking for a way to create a temporary unique value until the Record ID is created.  There can be situations where there is nothing initially different between the records where I could create some sort of unique formula code. I was looking for a way to generate a random number to temporarily create a code but couldn't find a formula function to do this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.​

Carlos Santiago
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