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5 years ago

Relationships - Parent, child and proxies

Def a noob question, but I've tried everything!

I have Registration Table:
  • UUID [key], alphanumeric code means nothing
  • Name
  • Telephone number

Transfers table:
We get a list each month from suppliers of who they transferred money to in a month. We get:
  • Telephone number
  • Amount transfered
  • Date of transfers

I'd like the amount and date of transfer to appear in the Registration table. 

My issue is, I see Registration table as the Parent, and I can only create the relationship based on the key, which doesn't appear in table two. The phone numbers should match however.

I've tried flipping the parent / child relationship around, that didn't work either.

Any advice would be super helpful!

(I tried using a third table that had UUID and telephone number, but this seemed overly complicated and was another dataset to maintain).

Rory Crew

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  • Hi Rory, to relate the records automatically, you do need to have a unique value you can set as the key for the registrations table. However, when you say you need the transfers to appear on the registration table, is it okay to click to view an individual registration and then list all transfers whose phone numbers match? Or do you need to see that information in a report of registrations?

    If you don't need to see the transfers in a report of registrations, then you may not need to use a relationship here. Instead, you can add a report link field to your registrations table to display the transfers, without actually relating the records.

    To do so, edit the field properties of the report link and set it up so it reads:

    Match the values in this field from this table:
    Phone number

    To the values in the field:
    App -
    <name of your app>
    Field - Transfers: Phone number

    Then, when you add the report link field to your registrations form, edit the properties of the form element and select "Display the related transfers directly on the form".

    While a report link field is automatically generated when you create a relationship, many builders don't realize that you don't need to have a relationship in order to use a report link field. You can use them to match records between un-related tables as well.

    Brian Cafferelli