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Updating a field in a child record based on selecting parent summary value

Not a very good title.

Event (parent to Registration)

Registration (parent to Ticket)

EOTI registers for a specific Event date and creates a Ticket record (working as desired :) )

Now I would like a different role, say MG, to be able to edit a field in Ticket based upon selecting a date (via calendar or pick list), seeing the list of people registered for that date, selecting the individual and updating their Ticket.

I've played with a custom form on Registration which gets the date pick working as I'd like, then displaying a report with the limited fields I'd like the MG to either see or update but when I clicked the field to update, took me to a different report (I think, now that I think about it, maybe have been a form) but all the fields in Ticket were displayed, not what I wanted.

I've played with a custom form on Ticket which kind of works the way I want but the date selection, when I click the dropdown shows me a pick list for reflecting every single Registration date (ie, 30 registrations should me 30 dates even if they are all the same).  I'd like to 'summarize' or group the dates.

Still learning all that QB can do for me.  My thought process was form on the child (Ticket) and pull from the parent (Registration).  Is that part of my thought process correct?  Or do I want a form on Registration and use an embedded report to list the Tickets for that date?  Once I see the list of Tickets for that date, can I go back to the form to edit the desired remaining fields in Tickets?  (even asking this has made me think of things to check out and/or try).


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  • If your user will need to edit a Ticket after selecting the Event and Date, I would suggest the following process:

    1. User is presented with a report showing the Events/Date (just as it is now)
    2. User selects the Event and is taken to the Event Form, showing a list of Registrations
    3. User selects an Registration and is taken to the Registration Form, showing a list of Tickets
    4. User selects the appropriate Ticket and makes the necessary update

    Alternate Process:

    1. On the user's Homepage, the user is presented with a Search Widget that searches the pertinent fields on the Tickets table
    2. User selects the Search and enters the information on-hand for the specific Ticket Holder (Name, Phone, etc) 
    3. User is presented with a listing of Tickets based on their search
    4. User selects the appropriate Ticket and makes the necessary update

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