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3 years ago

Using Pipelines to copy table data vs. cross-app relationships

I have what I think is a fairly simple question, but would like an opinion as to what the best approach is to take to accomplish something.  

I have two apps where I would like to copy table data from one app to another.  I would like to copy a "zip codes" table from App B into App A and have a Pipeline keep these tables synced.  Keep in mind, this zip code table is not changed very often, maybe a few times a week.  About 90 users use App A throughout the day but there is a downtime from 8 PM to about 4 AM each night/morning where few, if any, users are in the system. 

Should I have the Pipeline copy data as things change, or trigger on change, or should I run a nightly update where this happens automatically in order to prevent any slowdown in App A as things sync?  What's the most efficient approach?

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