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10 months ago

1 report - show whatever form ID that was used for that record


We have created three different forms under 1 table. If someone creates a record using form 1 we would like to view that record in the form 1 format and if someone used form 3 then we would view that record in the form 3 format and so on. I know we can create different reports and select what form is used for each report but we would just like 1 report for all the different forms and QB to show whatever form format that was used for that record. Is that possible?

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  • You could 'tag' the record when its saved with what form it was created with using form rules - so a field that you populate when the page loads that defaults with that form. Then on your main report, you replace the native eyeball and pencil and replace with rich-text or url buttons that navigate them to that specific form. You would need to make sure those buttons are stock on each report your users use, but it would allow you to keep with only a single report. 

    Chayce Duncan
  • I think you will need three reports.   If you can possibly do it using 1 form and Form Rules it may will be less hassle in the long run. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)