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2 years ago

2 Very Large Mobile Issues, anyone agree?

I know Quickbase reads these comments and takes them seriously, so I am hoping other people will agree with me on these 2 enormous mobile bugs, and perhaps it will become an important enough issue for them to address. If others have run into these 2 problems, please let me know, and let QB know!


1. Search does not work. Searching is such a basic function, this seems like a huge bug. You can search a report, but if you have an embedded report (a report link on a form), the search function does not work.

2. Hide green + buttons (hide Add Button/Links). On desktop, there is a very good feature to hide the add button links so that users cannot create orphan records. On mobile, this is in the form of those Green Plus Boxes. They are supposed to be hidden when you click hide add/button links. This is a recognized bug for I believe 7 years, with still no fix. This can cause orphaned records. Additionally, if your button has any extra features, they are not used. This also seems like a huge oversight, especially when discovered going on a decade ago.

Mike Tamoush

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  • Agree on both points. 
    I know the team in Bulgaria, Sofia is working on a massive revamp of the mobile app.
    Allegedly, they are going to release the new features in 2023 (Q1 or Q2 I hope).
    They have been talking about parity between desktop and mobile for a while now... I hope this becomes a reality in 2023. 

    Francesco Spiga