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3 years ago

Adding a reference field between Tables

I have two tables and I need a field from Table "Affiliate Outreach" to pull into Table "Outlets" based on the "Outlet Name" which is included in both tables. I created the relationship to add the Lookup field of "Partner Brands" (multi-select field) which are added in the Affiliate Outreach Table, but I want those Brands to also appear under the Outlets table. It's not currently working.

Does this have anything to do with Outlets being an anchor point for the Outreach Table? I've created the relationship twice, but no luck so far.

Chelsea Giacchi

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  • Hi Chelsea;
    I agree with Justin, we need to know details of relationship. I might be wrong but it sounds like:
    Your master table is Outlets table and key field is Outlet Name.
    I think you created combined text field(summary field) to see all Partner brands from Affiliate Outreach table(child table) in Outlet table.

    Combined text fields and summary fields don't(may not) work if the related field(in child table - Affiliate Outreach) is a lookup from another table.
    Thank you

    Razi D.