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4 months ago

Adding photos on mobile - different iOS behavior

Does anyone add photos from gallery, to an attachment field, on iOS? If so, this question is specifcally for you.

When you add a photo and select from gallery, then click on the photo, you will see one of two things:

  1. On the bottom it will say the size of the photo, and if you click on that it lets you choose from a small, medium, or large version to attach.
  2. You will NOT see the size on the bottom, but BEFORE you click (when looking at the gallery), you will see an Options button on the bottom. Click options and it shows small, medium, large.

Does anyone know if the iOS version controls this behavior, or the Quickbase version? We are having difficulty sorting it out. Some iPads use one behavior, others another. It looks different on different iOS devices.

The Options one is annoying because even if you switch it to medium size, it defaults back to full size each time. And the navigation is not intuitive. We want to utilize version 1, but cant figure out what is controlling it. Possibly a specific combination of device, iOS, and QB version? Any thoughts?

Mike Tamoush
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