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3 years ago

API authentication with Two factor enabled


I am utilizing the PHP SDK in a web application (actually several of them). The apps both read and write via the API to Quickbase. Up until now, we had not enabled two factor authentication. We would like to enable 2-factor authentication on our Quickbase realm in order to better secure our data. However, it seems enabling two-factor breaks the apps. I can see an error being returned by the API saying "Sign-in required" with detail "The page you have requested can be viewed only by users who have signed in. Please sign in to proceed." How can I allow a PHP web app to authenticate via the API with 2-factor authentication enabled?

Currently, the PHP call to authenticate looks like the following:
$qb = new Quickbase($username, $password, $userToken, true, null, $appToken, $realm, $hours);

This is using the latest PHP SDK from GitHub - QuickbaseAdmirer/QuickBase-PHP-SDK: PHP SDK for Intuit QuickBase 

Thank you,

Michael FF
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