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2 years ago

App to App Pipeline

Hello -

There is a pipeline in app1 that creates a record in app2. The pipeline owner's name is populated as the Record Owner in app2 but due to notifications on record updates etc. it would be preferred for the 'true' record owner from app1 to be the Record Owner in app2. Is this possible? Record Owner does not appear to be a selectable field in the "Fields for Subsequent Steps" line of a pipeline so I am not sure how one would pass that value through.

Thanks in advance,
Jennifer Paschal

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  • That is not going to be possible.

    So what I suggest you do is to have three fields. You have the native record owner field, then you have [Record Triggered by], and then a final User- formula field which will use the [Record Triggered by] if it's not null,  else it will use the [Record Owner].

    That way you have a field on which to hook notifications and filters.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)