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4 years ago

Barcode Printing

I am setting up Barcodes for some inventory tracking in our company, and am wondering if we need to buy a barcode printer that is compatible with a certain software? Is it as simple as using a Bluetooth connection to print the barcodes from a QuickBase table? Does anyone have suggestions on what has worked for them in the past?

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  • Good morning,
    It depends on how easy you want the process to be for your users. There are specialized printers and software that will make it easier. However, you can also print Barcodes using a regular printer and Microsoft's MailMerge Functions, without breaking the bank.

    If you do buy a Barcode Printer/Software, then be aware that the file type that is exported from QuickBase is a Comma Separated Value (.csv) so make sure that the software can properly read and encode the values.

    Good luck,

    John Crosland
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      Trinity has a ton of experience in manufacturing processes and Bar Codes.

      I have a simple code that will print a 2D Bar Code, but I don't have one handy for a linear bar code.  But maybe someone else on this forum has one.

      Here is the code for a a formula Rich text field to display a 2D bar code.

      var text CodeValue = " some text formula goes here"
      "<img src=\""
      & URLEncode($CodeValue)

      I'm guessing that here would be a similar one to create a linear bar code.  The qr above must mean a QR bar code.  

      Mark Shnier (YQC)
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