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4 years ago

Printing Barcodes

Do you have to store a barcode in a table to print or will a formula URL field that calls a barcode generator print the generated code?  I need to generate pallet  and container ids that will have multiple item records associated with them so I'm thinking that I will need a pallet and container table to store the rich text form of the barcode because I don't want to store that in every associated item record and not sure what the call to generate every time you print would do to performance.

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  • This seems to work for a regular linear Bar Code.  In my example the value for the Bar Code is in a field called [Bar Code value]

    It's a free service so it could break any time, but its been working for  many many years now.

    "<img src="&[Bar Code value] & "&TYPE=7"  &  ">"

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