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2 years ago

Barcode Scanner Disappears?


One of our team members is using the QuickBase app to scan in QR codes.

Until recently they have had no trouble clicking on a selected field and having the Bar Code icon appear.

This week the Bar Code icon appears but disappears before they can select it.
It maybe disappearing behind their vitrual keyboard. Has anyone else experienced this?

Is there a way around this? 


Carmelina Macario

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  • Not sure if this is related, but just recently the QR code scanning on iOS stopped working in the new release of QB. If you scan a QR code with the camera, it no longer takes you to the specific page, it only takes you to the QB app.

    I spoke with customer support, and they acknowledged it was a bug and said it was on the top of their priority list.

    Try it on android and see if you have the same issue. If it works on Android, I bet it is part of the same bug. I would report to customer service.

    FYI - the bug is only happening on iOS devices that have the most recent QB app on them.

    Mike Tamoush