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3 years ago

"based on location" Sales Tax Rates

I'm wondering if anyone has figured a way to use the Quick Books Online (QBO) "based on location" sales tax rates in Quick Base (QB)?

I created a sales order entry (Estimate) form for our company, but one of the things is needs to do is calculate the sales tax rates as "based on location" so it matches when exported to QBO.  For years I have been successfully exporting sales orders from QB to QBO using Workato, using just a state table of current tax rates I have setup in QB.  However, with things changing I need to make the switch to the "based on location" method of figuring the sales tax rates.

I'm hoping it is possible to just query QBO to populate the tax info in the QB Estimate.  Once it becomes an order, I can then export to QBO like I have been doing, and the sales tax amounts will match.

Has anyone else tacked this issue?  if so, any guidance would be appreciated.

Mark Corcoran

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  • I'm really just commenting so I get updated if you find an answer. I don't use quickbooks, but we have a need for the sales tax rates, among other things (like government per diem rates). Right now, I find a list online and export from whereever I find them and import into a table in QB, but that means it is not always up to date. Would love to find a better solution.

    Mike Tamoush