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3 years ago

Bring Email Field From Child to Parent

Use case: Customer table (parent) has many Customer Contacts (child). Customer contact table has fields for name, email and relationship of each person (among others). 

I cannot figure out how to bring the email address of the customer contact that is our "primary contact" up into the Customer table. The summary field options don't seem to work on email. I have been able to bring the field for name, just not email.

Lauren Jeppson

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  • I believe you can only 'Combined Text' text fields, so you will first need to create a new field on the child called 'Text of Email Field' (totext([Email Field]), then bring that up. Of course, you will just get a string of email addresses and not hyperlinks to emails. Perhaps someone else can explain a trick to turn that combined text field into a string of hyperlinked emails.

    Mike Tamoush