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3 years ago

Button to Save and go to Next TAB on a form

Hi all!

I'm trying to insert a button at the bottom of each TAB of my form that will take the user to the top of the next TAB. I found some old posts from 2019 and tried the solution of setting up a js page, some variables and a formula rich text field:


Here is what I have put together from looking at a few different posts:

Formula Rich Text Field: Custom Save and Next Tab

& "saveAndNextTab.js"
& [customButtonScript2]
& [customButtonStyleSKW]
& "Next tab"
& [customButtonEnd]

Variable: customButtonScript1

<a href='javascript:($.getScript("

Variable: customButtonScript2


Variable: customButtonStyleSKW

' class='Vibrant Tall' style='font-size:14px; color:white; background:#6BBD57; white-space:nowrap;'>

Variable: customButtonEnd


Code Page: SaveAndNextTab.js

var nextTabLink=$("li.ui-tabs-selected").next("[style!='display:none']").children("a");
var noErrorDialog=$('#qbDialog').length==0;
if( noErrorDialog ){

So, a couple of issues:

1. This button saves the record for me, but does not move to the top of the next TAB. (I don't get any errors when I click on it)

2. I'm getting a pop-up that my formula rich text field includes unsupported content. Is there an updated "legal" way to do this, that won't potentially break on me?

Thanks in advance for your help!



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  • The short answer is no.  There is not a way to move to the next Tab or land the user on a particular Tab.  As you said, javascript is being phased out in August so there is no point in gong down that path.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
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