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3 years ago

Caching issues with new report style?

Is anyone else having caching issues with the new table report style?

If I have a filtered report and look at it, then add to the filter in the report, I can tell it is 'technically working' (the number of results will show correctly), but it will actually show all the old results in the table list. I can tell the browser (only tested in Firefox so far) is just showing me a cached image (which is curious because the # of results shows correctly).

If I switch to the old report style, boom, it's perfect. Wondering if others have this experience.​

Mike Tamoush

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  • Hi Mike,

    There has been a few issues that have come up with Firefox specifically that we have been logging from users. I would encourage you to put in a Care case to log the issue you are having with the team and so they can take a look at what you are experiencing and see if it is related to the other cases we have if you haven't already.

    Evan Martinez
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      I'm having the same problem in all browser types (have tested chrome, brave, firefox, safari) and have submitted a care case a few weeks ago.  It is a major issue because we can no longer be sure the report is showing the correct information.  It appears that, in creating the report, something goes in the browser cache that messes up the report.  You can clear your cache to fix the issue, I believe, but that's not an ideal solution (clearing the cache after every report you build).

      Jake Rattner
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    Yes, this happens frequently and not just in Firefox. I use Safari and this problem frustrates me as well. 
    I always switch to the old report style when I create or modify a report. It's the only way to know if it's working as intended.

    Ernie Nicely, Jr.