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3 years ago

Calendar functionality

I use a calendar to enter my trucking dispatches. Payroll needs the load and unload dates to be correct, but in situations where the driver takes a load home with them and delivers two days later, it's best for dispatch to see the load listed on the day prior to delivery date. 

I'm very unfamiliar with how to set up Quickbase, so any guidance on how best to resolve this would be great. Should i just add another date field and base the calendar on a dispatch view? Or should I make my own calendar? What makes the most sense? 



Jess Hill

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  • You could have a new  field on the record as to indicate if the driver is taking the load load home and then a [Dispatch Date]  field which is calculated.

    IF([Taking Load Home?] = true,  (WeekDayAdd([Delivery Date Requested],-1, [Delivery Date Requested])

    What that says is that if the driver is taking the load home then we will subtract one weekday from the delivery date requested, (so if the delivery date requested is on a Monday then the driver probably took the load home on the previous Friday).   But if they're not taking the load home then it is just the same as the delivery date requested.  

    You would have two calendars, perhaps one for the payroll department at one for the dispatchers. They would be based on different date fields.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)