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2 years ago

Changelog / Timestamps

Hi all - I'm trying to create a changelog that shows timestamps when a record's status has changed (i.e. pending, in progress, completed, etc.)  I was able to create timestamps for all the different statuses that seem to work correctly.  The issue is with the changelog where I'm trying to log and show not only the time/date the status was changed, but also the user who changed it.  I created 2 fields:
1)  Track Changes:  This is a simple text formula like: "Status="&[Status]
2) Changelog:  A text field to capture the changes (field setting are also checked to capture the user who made the change)

I have form rules that update the timestamp fields as the status' are changed, and one last one that basically says when the record is saved to copy Track Changes into the Changelog field.

So it almost works, the changelog tracks the time/date, user and status - however the status seems to be a save behind.  For instance if the status was Pending and a I change to In Progress and save it, the changelog shows Pending.  If I reopen and save again then it will say In Progress.  Not sure what I'm missing here, I used this method in the past and it seemed to work but I must be missing a step somewhere...

Bob Wolff

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    This is a common issue and I always solve it with this architecture:

    Each time the Project is updated, the user is actually adding a child record to the Project Status Change table.   You can have all sorts of info there to meet your requirements and more such as Notes or Criteria for the change.

    The current Project Status is the value of the very last record added to the Project Status Change table.  To get that info into the Project table there are two solutions,

    1) Is to do a second relationship from Project Status Change to Project.   You then can have look up fields from Project Status Change to Project 

    2) Write a Formula Query to pull the data up to Projects.

    I always use the option 1) because it is so common to need to know many things about a Status Change.

    Don Larson