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2 months ago

Last Triggered Timestamp


I started migrating automations to pipelines. Yesterday, I could easily access the timestamp indicating the last triggering of a pipeline directly on the table. However, as of today, I am not able to see on this table anymore. The only method to view the last triggered time is by clicking on the three dots and navigating to "View Activity." Is this a potential problem for our pipelines? 

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  • I can still see the last triggered in our pipelines. I would try a different browser or clearing cache first (or if you have multiple developers have someone else check as well), and if that doesn't work, check with customer support.

  • The one you see in the screenshot is from yesterday. When I click 'View Activity,' it shows that it was triggered 2 hours ago today, which should be April 24th. I've tried using different web browsers and cleared my cache, but nothing has changed. I'll submit a support ticket. Thank you.

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    I've noticed the same thing happening to my Pipelines.  I've been migrating some Actions and Automations over to Pipelines and it's only happening with newly created Pipelines.  Seems like some type of bug.  I'm still seeing the 'Last Triggered' timestamp with older Pipelines, but with more recent Pipelines that I created, the 'Last Triggered' timestamp does not show on the Pipelines dashboard.  I physically have to go in and check it by clicking on the ellipsis and viewing activity.