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2 years ago

Checkbox labels on Forms

Why do the labels for checkbox fields show up to the right of the checkbox?  Is there a way to make them be on the left like all the other field labels?  I attached a PDF to help show what I'm talking about.


Allison Watson

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  • The behave how they behave.  But New Forms are coming out later this year and maybe they will behave differently.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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    If I had to guess - it's probably so that if someone wanted to create a checklist, all the checkboxes would line up on the left side (which is what formatting I'm used to seeing). There is no option in the field properties or form elements to change this, but maybe you could work around it by adding text to the form, then putting the checkbox on the same row and use a blank alternate label. 

    Katlyn Allen