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Qrew Captain
3 years ago

Clock Channel in Pipelines

Are steps used by the Clock Channel considered 'billable steps'?   I know the "internal" quickbase steps are not,  but does that mean steps like 'Bucket', 'Text' or 'CVS Handler', etc are billable?

Jeff Peterson

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  • Hi Jeff,

    The Clock channel is one of the roughly 200 steps that are billable on our older plans (Premier, Unlimited, etc.) but were changed in our new plans (Team, Business, Enterprise) to be free instead. So if you currently are on an older plan that will count against your billable step runs but would not on the newer plans. We published an article that goes over the billable and free step runs on our help. That can help you get more specifics on which runs will be billable steps (Clock for example is on there with the old versus new plans breakdown). It is a bit long but I tend to just scan it or user browser search for the channel I want to make sure on.

    Evan Martinez