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10 months ago

Closing a Form Without Removing its Elements

I have a form that people use to submit data.  The due date for the submissions has passed and I would like to add a message that "We are no longer accepting submissions" but I don't want to remove all the elements from the form in case I need to reuse or someone decides to reopen the form.  

What is the best way to notify someone when they click the form link that the form is closed and we are no longer accepting form submissions?



Brian Dunk

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  • Simplest way is to make a 'new' under the 'Forms' section of your table settings and set it up so that form only has the message you want to communicate. You can then set that form as the default for this submitter role for the time being. Or only set it for the 'Add Form' setting so that people hit this new form only when they're adding new entries. 

    This way you leave your current form untouched and can just re-assign it if or when you need to re-open it. 

    Chayce Duncan