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3 years ago

Conditional Drop Down - Auto Fill

Hi, Hoping someone may have a solution for this. I'm sure I'm missing something simple. 

Table: Employee
  • This table houses all employees. There will never be a duplicate instance of this employee
  • This table includes - Employee Name and Employee ID
Table: Project 
  • This table includes the list of possible projects an employee can be assigned to. 
Table: Assignment
  • This Table Includes the Employee Name & Employee ID (Pulled from the Employee Table
  • This Table includes the Project Name and Project Supervisor (Pulled from the Project Table)
    • An employee is typically assigned to one project, however, they can have multiples.
  • Additional Fields - Assignment Supervisor, Start and End Date
Table: Weekly Employee Summary
  • This table will have a relationship with the Employee Table (pulling name and ID)  and Assignment Table(pulling Name, Project Name, employee ID and Supervisor for Project and Assignment)

What I am trying to do is:
  • When the Employee Name is selected if there is only one active assignment, it defaults to this. 
  • If there are multiple assignments - it requests a selection. 

Is this possible?
I do have the conditional drop downs already working, just hoping to reduce a step in filling out the form.

Thank you :)

Amber Anderson

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  • Can you list the relationships between the tables?

    In general, you'll need to make a summary field that counts the number of active assignments, and transfer (either a summary field or lookup field depending on you relationships) that count to where the selection is made. You will also need the record ID of the active assignment, which should also be transferred to the selection page.

    After that, use a dynamic form rule that says, if [Count]=1, and [Related Assignment] is blank (you can use <1 if needed), change [Related Assignment] to the value in the field [Record ID From Table that was transferred]

    Mike Tamoush