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2 years ago

Confirm button to show pop up message box

I am unable to figure this out. I was able to create the button itself, but not sure what code is needed to open a pop up message box. Here is what I have so far:

"<a style=\"background: #4285f4; border-radius: 5px; padding: 8px 20px; color: white; display: inline-block; font: normal 700 24px; text-decoration: none;\">Confirm</a>"

I need the button to also open a pop up box to display a message before the user actually saves the record. The button does not need to actually save the record, just display a message and have an 'OK' box to click.

All I can find is Javascript and I know that can't be used anymore.

Amy Gosz

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  • Maybe you can leverage form rules to Display a Message when any of selected fields are changed.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      I had that, but my manager wants them to click a button to show the message.

      qb pipelines
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        OK, so here is a low tech Plan B.

        Create a new form which is super mini, like just a message.  Make the button to open the same record in view mode in dfid=10 (or whatever the super mini form # is.  Set the button to open in pop up.  It will be a smaller than normal full window size.

        But then the user would have to close that box.  I don't believe there is a non javascript way to close the code.​  (Maybe with a Code Page")

        But I'm not understanding in your workflow what would force the user to click the button to see the pop up.

        Mark Shnier (YQC)