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3 years ago

Copy Attachment with Pipelines

I'm in the process of reorganizing data to make better use of Quickbase and trying to copy file attachments from one record to another using pipelines. This morning I set one up and used it successfully to copy 100+ files. In my infinite wisdom, I deleted the pipeline before creating a new one for another set of data and now I can't for the life of me figure out how.

Here's my pipeline setup:
  1. Search for records in "Projects" where [Invoice #] is set. [Invoice] is also selected as a field for use later in the pipeline.
  2. For each, search for records in "PO" where [Invoice #] matches [Invoice #] from step A. [Invoice] is selected for use later in the pipeline.

This is where I'm stuck. I thought my working setup was configured like this, with the next step being Update Record. But when I do that, [​​​Invoice] does not show up as a field to update.

Can anyone suggest where I might be going wrong here? I wish I saved the working pipeline...

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  • If anyone comes across this looking for an answer, here it is.

    The update record action can't be used to upload a file so if you're updating fields and upload a file, you need to perform two actions. One Up A File action, using the file_transfer_handle as the URL. The second action can update the regular fields.