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3 years ago

Corrupted PDF fillable file attachment

Hi everyone, I had an issue today that has left me confused and I want to see if anyone has some insight on this.

I uploaded a PDF file that was a fillable PDF made using Acrobat PDF Maker 15. When I saved the file, and then went to download + open the file, it came out corrupted and when I tried to open it using Adobe Acrobat I received the following error message:

After this, I tried it several times over, even recreating the same file and got the same result. Then I opened the file on my computer, on Chrome and printed it as a PDF. I then uploaded that PDF to QuickBase successfully (yay!). 

In searching for an answer as to why, I saw a discussion that said that if you upload a file, then delete it, and upload a new (albeit edited) file with the same name as the first it will lead to issues. While this might be the case here since I did change the file name that last time, I wanted to see if folks had any similar experiences and if it might be tied to a different issue

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this and help

Carolina Batista
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