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3 years ago

Create a report that connects associated data to a specific record

I need some help trying to create the right data entry structure for the report I would like to have. 

I have a specific list of names and every week each persons sales a quantity of items and revenue.  The data entry section has multiple fields of other data within this table.  I will have multiple people per week and want to assign the specific sales data to each person so I can aggregate those weekly reports.

I'm not sure how to have the names on a drop down list and the have the next set of field data associated to the specific person on the weekly report. 

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Cameron Lee

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  • Hello,  Here's an example of what is needed.

    Within this one form I would like the data to right of each person's name to be associated to that person only.   I can then pull reports for that specific persons performance.

    Cameron Lee
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      Can you explain a little more about what data is currently entered into the system?

      Are you saying right now you have a table where you enter the name, number of photo sessions, number of orders, and total revenue? Is this all in one table?

      I don't fully understand your ask, but it sounds like what you will need is a parent table of employees, then a child table of 'Weekly data'. On the weekly data table you will have some way of determining the week (perhaps its a start and end date?), then all your data entry points. All your reports you want to look at will be made on that child table.

      Mike Tamoush