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4 years ago

Create a table record with a custom formula URL button without using a relationship

I'm trying to figure out a way to allow users to create a table record via a formula URL or formula rich text field button while still hiding the button to add a record to the table directly. I want to programmatically allow them to create only a specific type of Operations Task, like a Service Only task which I can program into the button with a URLEncode("Service Only") method in the GenAddRecordForm API button.

Each record below represents a patient where the technician is able to add a task from a Patient's table, but only for a specific patient. What I'd like to do is create a formula URL or formula rich text field that allows the user to create a generic task record in the Task table, without having to associate a patient with the task.


The issue I'm having is where do I put this (formula rich text) button that I created in the Operations Tasks table? I tried to add it to the technicians home page, but there's no option to add a custom button to a home page. I also created a code page with a button using fetch and the RESTful Insert/Update record(s) API, but this only creates a new record without directing the user into QuickBase to view the record that was created. Is there any way to add the custom formula URL button to the tech (user) home page or somewhere that is not directly related to a line item record in another table?

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