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3 years ago

Creating a Check In/Check Out App

I have 3 tables (Items, Check In/Check Out, Employees)

I am having a tough time figuring out how to show if the Item in the Items table is currently Checked in or Checked Out. I have a list of check ins and check outs, but I would like for the items table to show if the item is currently checked in or out. Anyone have a solution?

Justin Phan

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  • np
    Make a summary of the maximum Record ID# of the check in/outs.  call it [Record ID# of most recent Check in / out]
    Look up down to check in/outs
    Make a combined text summary on the relationship of the field [Check in out status]  (ie the in or out multiple choice field I presume you have. .. but filter that to where the [Record ID#] =  [Record ID# of most recent Check in / out]

    Then because that will look like  a bubble format, make a new field called 

    with a formula of 
    ToText(combined text Check in out status)

    That's your current status!

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