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3 years ago

Creating a Report Filter of Items the Current User Owns

I have 3 tables (2 and 3 are sync tables from another system):
1) Products contains documents that belong to a given Business Portfolio (Product ID, Document, Business Portfolio ID)
2) Business Portfolio (BP) contains a list of all valid Business Portfolios (Business Portfolio ID, Portfolio Name)
3) Business Portfolio Owners (BPO) contains a list of Business Portfolio Owners (Business Portfolio Owners ID, Business Portfolio ID, Owner Last Name, Owner First Name, Owner Email)

I want to filter a report of Products so that it displays records for Business Portfolios that the Current User is an Owner of
I have relationships between "Products - Business Portfolio" and "Business Portfolio - Business Portfolio Owners"

When I display "Current User" on a form, it is in the format "LastName, FirstName", so I'm assuming the field I want to compare it to in the filter needs to be in the same format.

I created a text field "Full Name", which is a combination of "Owner Last Name, Owner First Name" and am able to summarize these on BP, but I can't summarize on "Full Name User", which is equal to ToUser([Full Name]).  Seems I can only summarize on text fields.  I also tried creating a new Formula Userlist field in BP and set it to ToUserlist ([Full Name]) but I get an error: "Expecting user/userlist but found textlist".

Dawn Quitschau
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