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3 years ago

Creating a unique Identifier


How do i create a unique import ID for the following situation:

Have an app that needs to aggregate information with two different types of entry

Some teams have existing QuickBase Apps and a table to table import (Table A to Table B) is needed and some teams will directly enter information into the table (Table B).  

I attempted to create an unique identifier in Table B by aggregating two fields -  State and Event Name.  I wanted to use record ID instead but it did not seem to work on new records being added.


Lashell Thomas

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  • You can have a form rule to enforce the population of the concatenated State and Event Name.  

    Make a formula field 

    List("-",  [State], [Event Name]) 

    And have a form rule force that value from the formula field into a scalar data entry field.

    Then you will have a unique identifier and you should be able to import and merge on that field. I don't think you will have to change that to be the key field of the table but you could certainly change the key field of the table to be that unique identifier and that would probably be best.  


    Mark Shnier (YQC)