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3 years ago

Creating a URL that Prints a spreadsheet


I am trying to write a formula URL field that prints my summary report as a spreadsheet. I know that QuickBase has this button natively, however I cannot use it because I used formula rich text fields in order to display my data so when I go to print it, it shows my entire formula in the excel box. So my workaround would be to have a button that will print a spreadsheet that doesn't use the rich text fields.

I managed to create a formula that will accurately display the spreadsheet, but the print URL has an extra section labeled ridlist. What is this field and is there a way for me to include it in my formula URL? 


Tom Leick

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  • You can post your formula, but I'm pretty sure that the ridlist parameter is a temporary code which will return the set of records from the report.  That ridlist is generated dynamically and on. temporarily saved like for an hour or so, long enough for the user to print.

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