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3 years ago

Creating an Outlook Email, signature issues

I've had success creating emails using a rich text button. However, I've noticed if I have NO body in the email, my outlook signature is placed in the email. As soon as I add body to the email, my signature does not appear. Does anyone know how to keep the signature?

My assumption is that any body I include is overwriting anything there (ie the signature), so perhaps this is just how it will work on Outlook?

My sample code is below:

var text Subject = 
    "Subject Line Text:";
var text Body = 
    URLEncode("Body Text here")
    & "%0A%0A"    //Line break with extra line break (skips a line)
    & URLEncode("More body text here " & [Field]);
var text cc = "?";

var text Email = ""
& $cc
& "&subject=" & URLEncode($Subject)
& "&body=" & $Body;  //If I comment this line out, the signature will appear. I have tried URLEncode($Body) without success.

"<a href="
  & $Email
  & ">" & "Create Email" & "</a>")

Mike Tamoush
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