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3 years ago

Creating Survey - Rating Field

Does anyone know of a way to create a field that is rating from 1 to 10 similar to how Quick Base customer care does for their survey (picture below)? I would like to do this for a client survey for our EOTI role. Thank you!

Gabriella Tremoglie

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  • Gabriella,

    I'd recommend downloading the Magic Buttons app from the Exchange. It has some great ideas in there you can learn to implement by looking at the formulas used to create them, including one that can be used for ratings. If you open the Color Options tab in any Project, you will see the options below, which you can customize to fit your needs.

    Oana Toma
  • Lisa Sawyer had a great Empower 2021 session ( that I think may help in addition to the Magic Buttons app. Although it is indirectly related, I think the app and the session video can help to get you to what you want to build. She also includes a ton of additional information and resources that may be helpful.

    Liz Chartrand