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7 months ago

Cross-App Sharing


I have tables in 2 different apps that I need to connect somehow. Basically, I would like one field from Table B to show up in a report for Table A. Both tables are in separate apps, but do have one field that is the same. 
Table A: I would like the "Sq Ft by PI" field from Table B to show up here in this report. 
Table B: 
Both tables have a "Contact PI/Project Manager" field that I am hoping could be the link. 

Does this make sense? 
Help would be greatly appreciated!

Meagan McOlin

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  • Just looking at your screenshots - it looks like you're summarizing Research funding and grouping by the Contact PI / Project Manager. Where as Table B looks like a unique list of each Contact PI / Project Manager. Is that accurate? 

    Just to expand - will there be multiple Research Funding records in Table A for the same Contact PI/Project Manager, hence the summary report? 

    In Table B - is each Contact PI/Project Manager only going to be listed once? 

    Chayce Duncan