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3 years ago

Dashboard Record Search Button to Open Record in Form

Users are seeking fewest keystrokes to open a Project record from Dashboard.   

Background:   Project Table has ~250 projects and ~40 Project Managers who use Dashboards extensively.   We have "MY Projects" Tabs on their Dashboard which provides them a filtered list of projects assigned to them.   Additionally they want a fewest strokes solution for them to enter the Project ID (for any project including projects not assigned to them) from the Dashboard and result takes them to the Project on the Main Form.    

Current solutions: 
  • Dashboard Button that opens a table report with "Ask User" filter for Project ID.   This button properly filters to the right project and then user has to open the table record to launch the Main Form.  
    • Is there a way to "Ask User" for the Project ID and launch the record in Main Form directly?
  • Although the Search Widget on the Dashboard appears nifty, we are not using this feature due to two problems....
    • Search widget takes up WAY too much real estate on the Dashboard (4 cells minimum vs 1 cell for a button)
    • It also opens a report which then the user has an additional click to open the record, so no fewer keystrokes.

What no-code or low-code options are best to enable the user to quickly enter Record ID from a Dashboard which opens up the Record in Main Form?

Annetta Coleman
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