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10 months ago

Data flow from QB to DB

Please help me understand how to push and pull data from QuickBase to Database. I'm trying to analyze if the data flows to QB and updates the backend tables. 

Nandini V

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  • Are you able to provide more specifics to what you're looking for? To provide a generic answer, Quickbase has a public API for which you can find the documentation here


    Using the public API you can query and update any data within Quickbase to fit your need. Keep in mind that Quickbase is a collection of applications and tables so if your intent is to push and pull data from various Quickbase sources to feed into an internal database you will need to map out where and what data your need in order to achieve your goals. Ultimately Quickbase is the easy part of your data flow, you will need to map out specifically what flows you need and then build the integrations accordingly. 

    Depending on your use case, you can build custom integrations in any coding language to interact with the Quickbase API - or if you are using a cloud based platform you can look into Pipelines as the tool to move data back and forth. If you're syncing data to and from an on-prem Database then the ODBC connector in Pipelines should get you moving in the right direction. 

    If you could provide more context on the specific use case though we can provide more detail to help out. 

    Chayce Duncan