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Qrew Cadet
2 years ago

Date/Time field with Pipeline


I have seperate Date and Time Fields.

I am trying to create a Time Stamp field that with using a pipeline to record the tiggered Date and Time can be put into one Date/Time field.

Example: trigger happens Date: 9/22/2022    Time: 12:00 pm

Pipeline records into a Date/Time field as : 9/22/2022 12:00 pm

Right now I am getting an error in my pipeline that says the following: Validation error: Invalid date/time value: 2022-09-22 00:00:00+00:0010:15 AM.


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  • The date time syntax in Jinja can be confusing. I am not great with it, but if you google and search Quickbase Junkie, she has some awesome resources.

    With that said, I suspect you would have a much easier time trying to figure out how to just make a formula date/time field, and use that to combine your separate fields.

    I don't know that off the top of my head, maybe someone else will comment, but I suspect that would be a much easier process.

    Mike Tamoush