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3 years ago

Display a read-only lookup proxy field to display data relative to the linked record .

Here's my setup of tables, apps and their relationships:
  1. Drivers (App 1)
  2. Driver Status (App 2)
  3. Departure Schedule (App 3)
  1. App 1 - Many Drivers belong to one Driver Status
  2. App 2 - Many Driver statuses belong to one Driver - to provide a lookup field record picker of the Driver status for a Driver record.
  3. App 3 - Many Departure Schedule records belong to one Driver Status.

In the driver record I select the driver status that comes from the "Driver Status (App 2)" table. Then in the departure record (App 3) I select the driver. Once the driver is selected in the departure record I need to have the driver status that's relative to this driver to be automatically displayed as a read-only field (no record picker), but it comes up blank. I've set up cross-app relationships between the apps with Viewer permissions, but beyond this I don't know what else I can do.

Serge Mozgalevsky
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