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20 days ago

DocuSign Retrieve Custom Field Results from Envelope after Completion

I am hoping to find a way in QuickBase pipelines without using Juiced to retrieve a results after a customer signs an envelope in Docusign.  I have different custom fields ranging from checkboxes to radio buttons.  Alternatively, is there a way to call this information with Docusign API?  Or a webhook? Where I can retrieve the listed custom fields?  I tried already doing what was suggested in the channel but nothing comes up under document_fields after I lookup and find the Envelope: 

Any assistance or advice would be so beyond appreciated thank you!

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  • We have a pipeline that creates the envelope and sends based on a template selection in Quick Base. The envelope is linked to the client's job. In turn, as long as it is linked, you can create a pipeline that upon status change in DocuSign, it will find the linked job and update a blank field called status. 

    Is this what you're looking for?