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2 months ago

Dropdown reports list for homepage?

I typically use buttons on my app's homepage to give users quick access to the reports they need. I now have a scenario where it'd be really useful to have a list of reports accessible via a dropdown menu on the homepage. Is this possible? I can't find a way to do it, so I'm guessing that if it is possible, it's going to be complicated - but asking here just in case there's a widget I'm somehow missing. I can achieve the same thing via a bunch of buttons (or a single button and getting my users to filter), but a dropdown would look 'tidier'. 

While on the topic of making reports accessible from an app's homepage - am I understanding correctly that if you use the Reports List widget, that widget will display ALL the reports in the selected table(s), or is there a way to limit the list to specific reports?

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  • I don't believe there is any widget for a dropdown of reports. And yes, I have also always found the report list not very useful, as it only displays all reports in a table. You could make a report that includes a single dummy record with a formula rich text field that simply lists all the reports you want with links. Then you just display that report, single record single column (or a link to that report). Not ideal, but a possible work around.