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7 years ago

email attachments

I know I can connect QuickBase to an email account and attach incoming emails to certain records, based on rules.  But in this case, the incoming emails have an attachment (Docusign contract) and I want to store the attachment as a "document" attached to a particular record within my app.  Can this be done in QuickBase?

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    I do not believe that the 'native' email sync tool pulls the fill attachments.

    But it is possible to to pull the data necessary to then trigger a webhook, that would integrate with your email client to pull the fill attachment.

    I've seen this done a few times.  One thing to keep in mind, that if you are pulling every file attachment, you will fill up your 'free' data storage fast and might incur additional monthly fees.

    Matthew Neil - Product Specialist
  • Right, I don't think it does either.
    I think we would have enough space.
    Are there any examples available of how this might be done?
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    Qrew Captain
    For help on the sync table, and basic webhooks you can look at the University materials.

    But as far as the integration with the email client for file attachments, I believe you would need to partner with a dev company.

    If you get stuck on the sync, I'm sure your Quick Base account rep should be able to help with that as well.
  • As an alternative solution, we are doing this using Workato as the email server and including attachments.
  • Now we have Pipelines, I expect this should be possible. I've created a Pipeline (with the help of AI Smart Builder) that successfully triggers when I receive an email, and successfully creates a Quickbase record, but fails when I try to upload the Outlook email attachment to the Quickbase record. The Upload a File action in Pipelines asks for a URL (The source URL of the file), but my only options are Name, File Transfer Handle Title. I was hopeful that File Transfer Handle would do the trick... but sadly it didn't. Has anyone successfully copied Outlook attachments to Quickbase records?

  • File transfer handle should work. Did you first create the record in QuickBase and then use the Upload a file step to that previous step?